We have walked away from the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) Annual Excellence Awards with the title of “Best Software” for our payroll service, EduPay.

EduPay beat tough competition from well known, international payroll providers such as IRIS and Xero to win in the “Best Software” category. The CIPP judges picked EduPay after recognising that the system has been built from the ground up, breaking the mould of the traditional payroll models. They liked that EduPay is designed specifically for education and is a highly intelligent, automated system.

The CIPP is the UK’s only chartered institute for payroll and pensions; with over ten thousand members they are the first and last word in payroll. “To win an award from the CIPP is a tremendous accolade and means that EduPay, can continue to gain national recognition as a trusted and highly regarded payroll system. To put it simply- if you want to win an award for your payroll software, an award from the CIPP is the one to win.” Says Orovia director, Jim Hartley.

EduPay also simplifies payroll within the education sector by automating many complicated processes. Steve Cowley, Orovia director states, “The team have worked hard to ensure that EduPay gives schools and academy trusts the best possible experience and value when it comes to their payroll. We’ve built the system to suit the intricacies of this niche sector precisely.”

EduPay may be the best payroll software available on the market right now, but for schools and academies who want a bureau service, EduPay can work for them too.

EduPay is designed to be ran by someone with a good level of admin or finance knowledge- you don’t need to be, or hire, a payroll professional to bring EduPay to your school, academy or trust. Anything that would normally be handled by a bureau service or payroll professional is instead automated by the system. EduPay takes care of your payslips and sends them out, creates pension and BACS files, creates the upload file for the finance system and sends your RTI.

If you use our budget planner you will will be aware of our fantastic levels of support. You can expect the same with EduPay. You’ll have access to our dedicated support team, a payroll expert and your own customer account manager. Not only will you have the best payroll software available on the market, but you will have the security of our expert support team to help you whenever you need.

For more information head to the enquiry form on our website, or call our friendly team on 0113 8800 995. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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